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About ICA Sunday School

The ICA Sunday School’s mission is to promote a broader awareness of Islam for Muslim students, enable them to demonstrate exemplary character, and teach them to be effective members of the Muslim community, as well as, the broader American Society. In order for our students to succeed, every effort will be made to develop essential core values that allow them to efficiently integrate religious, cultural and social learning in their day-to-day affairs. ICA Sunday School will achieve this mission through a balanced and culturally appropriate curriculum that includes Quran Reading, Surah Memorization, Tafseer, and Islamic Studies, and youth groups.

About Our Classes


Our Curriculum

ICA Sunday School has created its own in house curriculum designed to serve the youth of this community.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for students ages 7-18. Classes at the ICA Sunday school are divided into three periods consisting of Islamic Studies, Quran, and Memorization. For the older children, the curriculum will cover practical social topics that our Muslim youth face today. Topics are selected based on age, grade and learning levels of each student.

Our Classes

At ICA’s Sunday School, we have divided students into 3 classes based on their age groups and Islamic knowledge. We concentrate on educating our students on core concepts in our deen through subjects such as Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Seerah, Salah, and Duas.

We intend to support the youth in their learning in a fun and safe environment. And hope that this groundwork built here will help them in their knowledge of deen and connection to the masjid!

Our Staff

Staff at ICA Sunday School includes certified professionals who work together to support the academic, social, and emotional development of our children. Our teachers are responsible for delivering the curriculum and providing instruction to their students, ensuring they receive individualized attention and care. Administrative staff, including principals, assistant principals, and office personnel, manage the day-to-day operations of the school and support the work of teachers and other staff members.

Class Registration & Important Documents

ICA Sunday School Registration Forms

Registration is currently closed for the school year. Please check back this summer for registration for the upcoming school year.

Dismissal Policy

Dismissal is after Zuhr prayer. We recommend that all parents come and pray with their children to reinforce the concept and importance of our 5 daily prayers.

·Any student leaving the Masjid before the Zuhr prayer must request his/her parents to come inside the Masjid and formally sign them out.

·ICA school students are formally dismissed after the Zuhr prayer.

·Teachers will ensure that the students are dismissed safely to their parents.

·If your child has plans to leave with someone other than yourself, please inform the ICA administration ahead of time.

Mission & Vision

To establish a Islamic teachings, morals, and identity 

Important Upcoming Events

Eid Card Competition

March 26th

Submissions due April 30th

Coin Drive for Refugee Children

April 2nd

Submissions due April 30th

Spirit Shop

April 9th

Tickets required to buy prizes

Pre-Ramadhan Food Drive

April 9th

Non-perishable foods only

Class Presentations

April 30th

Knowledge Showcase 

Finals Review Day

May 7th

Prep Day

Final Exam

May 14th

Comprehensive Exam


Graduation Day

May 21st

Teacher Appreciation and BBQ