Islamic Center of Aubrey

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26875 US Highway 380 E. Suite #100, Aubrey, Texas, 76227

Our History

The Islamic Center of Aubrey is a religious institution located in the city of Aubrey, Texas, in the United States. The center was established in August 2018 by a small group of Muslim families who had moved to the area and were looking for a place to gather and worship.

Initially, the group would meet in each other’s home for their Friday prayers and other religious activities. However, as the Muslim community in Aubrey and the surrounding areas grew, the need for a permanent mosque became apparent.

In January 2019, the Islamic Center of Aubrey rented an office off of highway 380, where the current mosque is located. The center’s founding members and volunteers worked tirelessly to expand to a larger space, and it was finally moved to a large space in 2021.

Since then, the Islamic Center of Aubrey has become an essential part of the local Muslim community. The mosque hosts daily prayers,  Jumuah Khutbahs (Friday Sermons), Taraweh, Eid Salat,  and much more. The center also provides social service programs to the broader community, including food drives for the needy, toy drives for the Children’s Medical Center, clothing collections, and many other charitable contributions.

The mosque also offers a range of educational programs, including Sunday School, Maktab Classes (proper Qur’an recitation), Islamic Studies, and Arabic language. In addition, Islamic Center of Aubrey hosts a variety of community events throughout the year like family nights, interfaith events, and outreach activities.

Over the years, the Islamic Center of Aubrey has continued to grow, and the mosque has undergone several renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing number of worshippers. Today, the center is a thriving hub of activity for the local Muslim community, and it continues to serve as a place of worship, education, and community service.

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Our Mission

To serve as a place of worship, spiritual guidance, community support, and interfaith dialogue, promoting the values of compassion, justice, peace, and unity in society.

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