Social Services

At the Islamic Center of Aubrey, our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing essential and compassionate social services to our community members.

We strive to support individuals and families in need, ensuring their well-being and fostering a sense of unity within maturity.

We work with DFW Muslim Aid to process applications for aid. Click below button to submit an application.


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Nikah services

Islamic Center of Aubrey offers Nikah Service for Muslims to get married at ICA.

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jumuah prayers

Friday Jumuah prayers are offered at two different timings at the Islamic Center of Aubrey to accommodate the community.

Session 1: 1:45 PM
Session 2: 2:25 PM

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Marriage counseling

Marriage counseling is a form of therapy that helps couples work through their differences and improve their relationship. Some common issues that may be addressed in marriage counseling include communication problems, financial stress, and conflicts over parenting or household responsibilities.

If you are interested in marriage counseling, please click below to schedule an appointment with Imam Sajid.

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professional training

Islamic Center of Aubrey hosts classes & trainings in various fields to help community members gain a new skillset.

To host or join a professional training course, please click below.

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Special Needs

Islamic Center of Aubrey is friendly and welcoming to people with special needs.

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Funeral Services

Islamic Center of Aubrey empathize with you and stands with you in times of your losses.

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The following picture acts as a guide on where to park during Jumuah Prayers. As seen in the picture, please avoid parking in front of other units as to not hinder their business. Please do not to park in fire lanes or block any other cars. Parking is available in any areas highlighted in green including neighboring streets in the adjacent subdivision. We have parking volunteers ready to help you find the perfect parking spot! Please follow their guidance when you enter the complex.

If you are attending 1st Khutbah, please be sure to leave promptly to avoid any parking issues.