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Thank You Note to ICA Community

Assalamu Alaykum dear ICA Family…
We, at ICA, would like to take the time and thank each and everyone of you for your contributions this year. We especially would like to thank you all for the wonderful experience on the 29th night of Ramadan – it was an emotional moment for us all, a powerful night full of love and support (and some laughs). We couldn’t be more happy and we pray Allah keeps us all steadfast on his path, Amin.

Please continue to support your masjid in all capacities and stay close to your masjid. The reason we feel like this during Ramadan, this beautiful feeling of connection and joy, is our continued visitation to the house of Allah and reading of the Quran. I remind you all as I remind myself that you keep this up throughout the year and the same feelings will exist!


Jazaka’Allahu Khairan